he following is a list of frequently asked questions:
  How do I contact DMS?
  See our contacts page for the name of your nearest sales representative.
  How do I send my statements to DMS for electronic statement processing?
  Statement files may be sent to DMS via internet through our FTP site; directly to DMS through our bulletin board; or on a diskette.
  Does my company have to be located in the DMS service area to use the electronic statement service?
  The DMS statement service has clients throughout the continental United States.
  How do you begin presorting with DMS?
  1. Obtain a meter slug and insert into your meter so that "presorted first class" is imprinted on the mail as it is metered.
  2. Meter your mail at the current presort discount rate.
  3. Provide a daily total of the volume count for billing purposes.
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