Lettershop Services Presorting and Barcoding

tep into the 21st Century now by outsourcing your customer billing to DMS. Transfer your statement data to us. We will print, fold, insert and mail them to your customers. We provide a turn key billing solution. No more billing crunch time, your bills are in the mail within 24 hours of our receiving them. Once you transfer your data via modem, to our FTP site or bulletin board, you are done.

We process, print, fold, stuff, meter, seal, barcode and deliver your statements to the post office. No more running out of forms, postage or supplies. Your costs for postage and supplies continue to increase and so will your labor cost. Employee time spent on processing and mailing your own statements could be spent on other important work.

Do you have an expensive lease and maintenance contract on your postage machine? How often is it really needed? Could you do with a much smaller machine if you outsourced your statement mailing?

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