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f you are located within our service area (south Louisiana), we can save you money through presorting. The benefits of presorting include:
Immediate savings on postage
Improved mail service
No initial costs
No extra labor is added to the way you currently process your mail
We can eliminate a trip to the post office for you
Any mail which is incorrectly addressed or inserted is returned directly to you - saving you time and postage
Our manual and automated sorting methods offer you the benefit of sending all your first class letters that qualify for presort
Barcode look-up and ink jet spraying by our CASS certified equipment
Free pick-up for most customers
Your mail is delivered directly to the U.S. Post Office
How do you begin presorting with DMS?
  1. Obtain a meter slug and insert into your meter so that "Presorted First Class" is imprinted on the mail as it is metered.
  2. Meter your mail at the current presort discount rate.
  3. Provide a daily total of the volume count for billing purposes.
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